STAR DEBBIE  She  is my new  Choco-Sable Parti color. DEBBIE comes from blood champion line Parents, import from Europe.

 (Czech Republic) She is 6 lb.  and  She is reg with A.P.R.I. color  Yorkies.

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GABBY  She  is one  of my  beautiful  Baby  Doll face, T cup in size  almost 4 lb  Dark Chocolate and Tan color, She produce tiny puppies  with a beautiful face.

GABBY comes from a  Dark Chocolate Parents Import from Germany .

She is reg with A.P.R.I.

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SANDI  is one  of  the most Lovely female, she has  the best temperament from my dogs. SANDI is my  Chocolate and Tan Parti Color, Proud to produce here at ShaBo Yorkies, She is out of CupCake Chocolate Blond and Dennis Chocolate Parti color, SANDI is 5 lb  and She is  duo  reg with A.K.C.  and  A.P.R.I.  

VERONA is my traditional black and tan color, She comes from Chocolate Mom & Parti Dad. She is charting 6 lb full ground. VERONA has a duo registration AKC & APRI. Proud to produce here at Shabo-Yorkies. VERONA is out of SANDI & PANDA....AKC

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OLIVIA is a very lovely and calm Female She is a Dark Chocolate and tan color,  She is charting 6 lb.  OLIVIA is out of  Gabby and Dandee both import from Europe, She is registered with APRI .


PANDA  is my  Parti 3  color 5  1/2 lb   He  produce  a  tiny puppies  with a beautiful  Baby Doll face.  PANDA  has a short nose and small ears, He comes from Dad Parti 3 color and Mom traditional color small petit, He has a duo registration A.K.C.  & A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

 VALENTINO   is my  Traditional color 4 1/2 lb  Proud to produce here at  ShaBo Yorkies.  Valenctino is out  of Sandi Chocolate  carrie Parti  and Panda Parti 3  color.  

VALENTINO has duo registration A.K.C.  & A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

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 THAMMY  is my new addition Red  chocolate Sale color, He has a beautiful baby doll face-short nose and small ears.

He comes from Europe color lines. he weight  6 lb  full ground. Thammy is  reg with A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

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