She  is our new  Choco-Sable Parti color. DEBBIE comes from parents that are blood champion line. Imported from Europe.

 (Czech Republic) She is 6 lb.  and  She is reg with A.P.R.I. color  Yorkies.

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She  is one  of our beautiful  Baby  Doll face, T cup in size  almost 4 lb  Dark Chocolate and Tan color, She produces tiny puppies  with a beautiful face.

GABBY comes from a  Dark Chocolate Parents Import from Germany .
She is reg with A.P.R.I.

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is one  of  the most loving female, she has  the best temperament out of all of our dogs. MACARENA is my  Chocolate -Sable Color, Proud to produce here at ShaBo Yorkies, She is out of  Gabby  and Thammy.  Macarena is 4 1/2 lb  and She  is Registered with    A.P.R.I.  

VERONA is my traditional black and tan color, She comes from Chocolate & Tan  Mom & Parti Dad. She is charting 6 lb full ground. VERONA has a duo registration AKC & APRI. Proud to produce here at Shabo-Yorkies. VERONA is out of SANDI & PANDA....AKC

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POLITO  is my KB black boy. He has a beautiful face and a long silky hair, one of  my most   happy- dancing  and  loving Yorkie 
(especially when he wants a treat)
He comes from a dark chocolate color  Dad . Polito  weighs only 
3 1/2  lb.    He is registered with

BLUEWY is my Blue Merle color with a partial Blue Eyes, he has small ears and a short nose, He produces  small puppies with a beautiful Teddy Bear faces. Bluewy weight 6 lb. and he is registered with APRI Kennel color Yorkies.

PANDA  is my  Parti 3  color 5  1/2 lb   He  produce  a  tiny puppies  with a beautiful  Baby Doll face.  PANDA  has a short nose and small ears, He comes from Dad Parti 3 color and Mom traditional color small petit, He has a duo registration A.K.C.  & A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

 VALENTINO   is my  Traditional color 4 1/2 lb  Proud to produce here at  ShaBo Yorkies.  Valenctino is out  of Sandi Chocolate  Mom  and Panda Parti 3  color Dad.  

VALENTINO has duo registration A.K.C.  & A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

 THAMMY  is my new addition Red  chocolate Sable color, He has a beautiful baby doll face-short nose and small ears.
He comes from Europe color lines. he weight  6 lb  full ground. Thammy is  reg with A.P.R.I.  Color Yorkies

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